About John

John would like to tell you a story.

Here at TeamWorks Media, he is charged with sourcing, telling and sharing incredible stories that help our clients connect with customers, potential partners, and their audiences at-large.

A writer at heart, he knows how much a compelling story matters. And he brings that knowledge to bear on every project he works on, crafting written content that is as engaging as it is impactful.

At TeamWorks Media, he has had the opportunity to work on a host of projects, from the BTN LiveBIG campaign to Northwestern University Visitor Center’s interactive wall to Abbott Labs’ Great Wall of China Marathon’s social media coverage.

When he’s not helping hone the brand narrative for TeamWorks’ latest client, you can often find him with a pint of good beer in one hand and a book of historical minutiae in the other. Equally versed in the social significance of the toppings on a Chicago-style hot dog and the golden age of rail travel, he lets no bit of trivia pass him by.