Well, it’s the new year and there is no shortage of articles and blog posts aiming to predict elements of the next 365 days. So, please excuse us for piling on the heap, but we’re peeking in the crystal ball, too. Why? To get a glimpse at what the future may hold for content studios.

We combed through our Brand Story, Inc. backlogs for keen insights from our expert guests. Where will audience eyeballs be? How will content studios pivot to engage? What do our ever-connected lives mean for targeting and data collection? Listen below to find out.

A new direction for content studios?

Joining us to read the tea leaves are Axios media reporter Sara Fischer, Rich Greenfield of Lightshed Partners, Paul Tsigrikes, GM of the Wall Street Journal & Barron’s Group content studio The Trust, and media consultant, author and professor T.K. Gore.

In an increasingly byzantine world of OTT and streaming services, social media algorithms and pay-wall protected sites, content studios are finding new ways to reach consumers. But will they last the test of time or merely flash in the pan?

“You see so many of them developing their own distribution direct to consumers, whether it’s a subscription or a newsletter or a podcast, whatever. In terms of what’s going to happen with content creators on these platforms, I think these platforms are still going to need more content than ever.” – Sara Fischer

So, step inside the time machine with us and venture into a brave new world where the old guard have seemingly fallen and fortune favors the bold. We’re tossing out the playbook and looking for those areas ripe for innovation.

“If you want to reach people in the new world, the terrestrial linear mechanisms that we’re all used to that were easy for brands and advertisers simply are not going to be there.” – Rich Greenfield

While these are some of our favorite snippets, they are by no means the whole story. We encourage the curious to head back and listen to their individual episodes for many more media company insights.

? Sara Fischer ? Paul Tsigrikes

? Rich Greenfield ? T.K. Gore

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