Welcome back to Brand Story, Inc. We had a two month hiatus to re-boot, but we’re back and stronger than ever. I’ve recently been traipsing across the country speaking at various meetings of Vistage – the world’s leading CEO advisory group. I’ve been presenting a half-day workshop called “Your Brand Story, Inc.” As part of that presentation I’ve been using some of the fundamentals of Donald Miller’s WSJ best-seller, “Building A StoryBrand.” That journey led me to Evolve Global Marketing CEO, Kimjera Whittington.


Kimjera’s Brand

Kimjera helps businesses stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t work and start getting the results they deserve. During her 25+ years as an award-winning sales and marketing corporate executive, coach, and entrepreneur, Kimjera has seen first-hand how many business leaders feel overwhelmed after spending big money on marketing efforts with no results. As a certified StoryBrand Guide, Brand Builders Partner, and business coach, she shares seven simple marketing principles proven to engage customers through the power of story. By using story-based marketing she helps business leaders and companies eliminate confusion and communicate clearly with their customers to improve their revenue.

Highlights of this episode include:

  • Evolve Global Marketing founder’s story – The how, why, and when it came to be
  • Building a StoryBrand – The essence of Donald Miller’s book and storybrand framework
  • Brand Positioning – How Kimjera unlocks and simplifies messaging
  • Most common mistakes brands make
  • The StoryBrand Process – Kimjera shares the brass tacks of how she repositions brands
  • Case Study File – We dive into real business success stories
  • The Niche Effect – How brands need to focus
  • Be the Guide – How brands can’t let customers assume the hero role
  • Bedside Bookstand – What’s Kimjera reading these days

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