This Brand Story, Inc. episode is personal.  We’ve spent the past 100+ episodes digging in on every aspect of brand content studios I could imagine. Today, on the heels of the recent announcement of Coaches+ Media, I’m thrilled to have CEO Craig Robinson, join the show today. Craig who is also the executive director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) is now, in effect, my boss!

That’s right. Yours truly is the president of Coaches+ Media, and today, Craig and I will pull the curtain back on how the seed of a concept flourished into the most comprehensive start-to-finish case study I could imagine sharing with you.

Coaches+ is a content studio that develops premium content for partners across streaming and broadcast networks, audio, education, collectibles and the metaverse, all powered by more than 8,000 highly influential coaches – at all levels of men’s and women’s college and high school basketball.  Coaches+ is a stand-alone company owned by the NABC, it’s women’s counterpart, the WBCA and our company, TeamWorks Media.

A bit about Craig, who was named the NABC’s executive director in 2020 after four years at senior level executive positions for the NBA’s New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks. Prior to his leadership roles in the NBA, Craig spent eight years as a Division I head men’s basketball coach – two seasons at Brown and six at Oregon State.

One of the top basketball players in Ivy League history, Robinson was a two-time conference Player of the Year at Princeton. Craig also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Prior to his hoops coaching career, Craig held private sector executive roles for Continental Bank, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and Loop Capital Markets.








Highlights from this epic episode:

  • The impetus for Coaches+ Media and highlights from the year-long journey to launch.
  • The five primary Coaches+ Media revenue streams.
  • Concrete examples of original programming, content studio work, events, and new media.
  • What Craig & I learned and are happy to pass on to others endeavoring to do this.
  • The WBCA and importance of women’s sports content in the business model.
  • Netflix’s Drive to Survive and the potential for Coaches+ Media’s impact.
  • The Metaverse’s view of 8,000 potential story sources.
  • From concept through content studio launch – the evolvement of the business model.
  • Coaches as a subset of the creator economy.
  • The dream state vision of Coaches+ Media.

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