What is a “media company mindset”? Short answer is when a brand, company, organization, what-have-you realizes they can connect through content.

The much longer answer unfolds in this week’s Best of Brand Story, Inc. We dive deep with some masterful marketing minds to find out how thinking like a media company has helped them succeed.





Kristi Ross (tastytrade) expounds on empowering DIY investors through a range of programming. Rachel Jacobson (Drone Racing League) offers thoughts on the value of taking risks and making bets. Author & Speaker Andrew Davis tells us some hilariously insightful anecdotes from the wild world of content marketing. And, Dusty DiMercurio and Stephanie Losee (Autodesk) explain why it is so important to know your audience, where they are, and what they want.

“I like to break rules in a good way. I’ve grown up with the mentality of step into traffic, be first, innovate.” – Rachel Jacobson

Clearly, being a media company doesn’t mean you have to be on TV or print a publication. Our guests are from far-flung fields of business, but they’re linked by the knowledge that consumers are hungry for quality content. And, if you can understand and meet the demand, the proverbial day is your to win.

“A big part of our success with our customers is empowering them to tell stories.” – Dusty DiMercurio

While these are some of our favorite snippets, they are by no means the whole story. We encourage the curious to head back and listen to their individual episodes for many more media company insights.

? Stephanie Losee & Dusty DiMercurio ? Andrew Davis

? Rachel Jacobson ? Kristi Ross

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