This week’s Brand Story, Inc. episode boasts our second consecutive episode where we have an encore appearance from a popular past gust. Brian Morrissey, who first appeared on Brand Story, Inc. as the president of Digiday back in 2020, rejoins us today after he’s spent the last year plunging into the creator economy, where he launched, manages and operates, The Rebooting – a digital media company dedicated to the mechanics of building sustainable media companies.  I invite you to join the thousands of free The Rebooting subscribers who receive his twice weekly deep dive email, and now, Brian is back on the podcast circuit as well


The Rebooting

Brian and I went deep on a number of topics, including the premium value of niche media, the archaic infrastructure that still propagates “scale media” and the journey of building a media company from the ground up through the eyes of the very same man who was the president of digital media’s most renowned trade publication/media company.  Brian’s no BS approach offer a refreshing and insightful C-suite level conversation about the current and near future state of niche media companies. We recorded this episode on December 13, 2021.





Episode Highlights Include:

  • The Rebooting – the vision, the launch, the value proposition, and the business mechanics from the inside out.
  • Email – It’s enterprise value for niche media companies, the direct-to-consumer model, and creating insights and future value by knowing your customers.
  • Media Product Development – how Brian thinks about diversifying products, the goals, the rollout, and business implications.
  • Behind The Scenes – How Brian creates his content, the time commitment, the mechanics of what he does himself vs outsourcing, and the creator economy in 2021.
  • Marketplace Mechanics – The value of premium audiences and the disconnect between the agency/brand labyrinth.
  • Advice for sustainable media companies.
  • Reflections and Projections – Brian shares his biggest mistake of 2021 and what he sees coming in 2022 for niche media publishers.
  • The Book Stack – Brian, like every guest, dishes on what he’s reading.

Thank you Brand Story, Inc. community for your fantastic support in 2021! We want to hear from you. Share your guest recommendations, topic suggestions, questions and overall feedback. This community is for YOU. Drop me a line at either [email protected] or ping me on LinkedIn here.  You can follow Brian Morrissey on Twitter here or LinkedIn here – feel free to let him know what you liked from this episode. Guests love to hear from our listeners. Thank you for all you do.

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