Welcome to the Season 3 premiere of Brand Story, Inc. We’re excited to kick things off with Randy Frisch, the best-selling author of best-selling marketing book, F#CK Content Marketing, a book dedicated to the content user experience. Don’t be fooled by the title – Randy is a huge proponent of content marketing, yet believes the user experience for many companies is wasting great opportunities to better engage target audiences.

Randy is the CMO and Co-Founder of Uberflip, a content experience platform that empowers marketers to create content experiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey. He has defined and led this movement, prompting marketers to think beyond content creation and put their customers first by focusing on the experience.

This movement has fueled an annual conference, Conex: The Content Experience, that brings together 750+ passionate marketers and a North American-wide Conex Tour. Randy is also the host of ​The Marketer’s Journey podcast, was named one of the Top 50 Fearless Marketers in the world by Marketo.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Origin Story. Randy explains the impetus for this book and the f-bomb in its title.
  • Content Experience.  Before the call-to-arms to improve content experiences, Randy sets the foundation with a detailed explanation of what content experiences are.
  • Customization & Personalization. How savvy user experiences are winning over consumers and maximizing content.
  • Uberflip. Randy’s company, unsurprisingly specializes in fueling improved content experiences. We learn how and with whom.
  • Best Practices. An Uberflip before/after extreme content makeover.
  • Efficiency Expertise. Randy explains how 70% of an average content marketer’s content is wasted.
  • Workflow Wonders. Advice for content marketing teams to improve their efficiencies and workflows in the content creation, distribution and measurement realm.
  • Crystal Ball. What he sees as the future of content experiences and where are we on the continuum.
  • Bedside Bookstand. Our weekly marketing Goodreads as we explore our guests current stack of books.

Thank you Brand Story, Inc. community for your support as we kick-off season three! We want to continue to hear from you. Share your guest recommendations, topic suggestions, questions and overall feedback. This community is for YOU. Drop me a note a [email protected] or ping me at LinkedIn here. You can follow Randy Frisch on Twitter here or LinkedIn here – feel free to let him know what you liked from this episode. Guests love to hear from our listeners. Enjoy the episode!

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