It’s that time of year, the time when, well, we take some time off. But our holiday absence is your gain, as we’re turning on the “best of” machine. On deck this week: some of the sharpest minds on the business of sports content.





Morgan Dewan of Turner Sports, Jabari Young from CNBC, Leo McCafferty of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Paul Kennedy from Northwestern University Athletics offer unique perspectives on the production and impact of sports content, from college athletics to professional leagues.

“We’re going to see what we can do here, we’re going to measure it, we’re going to make sure that every piece of content that we create is driven by insight and analytics, and make sure that we’re using our resources in the right place.” – Morgan Dewan

We discuss building a business model from the ground up, the state of sports content consumption, best practices in branded content creation, ideal organizational structures and content measurement, among other hot topics.

“We’re building content for specific outlets and honestly, specific audiences because people are going to specific places, looking for the kind of content that they like.” – Leo McCafferty

But these are just our highlighted notes; we encourage the curious listener to check out their individual episodes for a deeper dive into subjects ranging from leveraging social media platforms to who these industry leaders follow for news they can really use.

? Morgan Dewan ? Jabari Young

? Leo McCafferty ? Paul Kennedy

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