What are we thankful for over here at Brand Story, Inc.? The cavalcade of intelligent guests who have generously shared their time and insights across 42 episodes of our little podcast. While we don’t have a new episode this week – holiday and all – we do have a wealth of shows to revisit, and to kick things off we’re covering a topic near and dear to our hearts: content measurement.






Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios, Bill Hague of Magid, Guthrie C. Collin of Dow Jones & Co., and Paul Tsigrikes of The Wall Street Journal are some of the sharpest minds in the content marketing field. Each of their episodes is a masterclass in how to produce, promote, and measure return on quality, targeted content.

“Almost the main purpose of analytics is to find unicorns so you can make baby unicorns.” – Andy Crestodina

We’ve distilled their lessons into one powerhouse episode that honestly and plainly explains why content informed by sound data is so critical.

“Understanding that reader journey on the site enables us to, one, come up with different ways to approach content, but it also helps us when it comes time for the distribution and amplification of the content.” – Paul Tsigrikes

But these are just our highlighted notes; we encourage the curious listener to check out their individual episodes for a deeper dive into subjects ranging from content measurement to who these industry leaders follow for news they can really use.

? Andy Crestodina  ? Paul Tsigrikes

? Bill Hague ? Guthrie C. Collin

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