Ad technology is admittedly a weak spot for me. As you might imagine, the world of display advertising and click-bait sponsored content has evolved in to a much more sophisticated and effective place in branded content.

One of the companies leading that pack is Nativo and chief revenue officer Sarah Dale kindly stepped up to the Brand Story, Inc. mic to share her insights of how publishers and brands are improving their effectiveness and relatability through ad tech.


Next-gen sponsored content

A bit more about Nativo before we jump into this episode. Nativo empowers brands and publishers with the world’s most advanced technology for content. For brands, Nativo enables storytelling at scale with the largest native reach and reveals insights that unlock return-on-content. For publishers, Nativo enriches monetization with the most comprehensive platform for next-generation ad formats and breakthrough technology for accelerated webpages. Nativo’s mission is to equip advertising for the age of content, improving the web experience, and creating meaningful connections for today’s digital consumer.

Sarah oversees Nativo’s buy-side media division after a significantly successful track record in content, having previously worked with large publishers, digital start-ups, and content consultancies. Before joining Nativo, Sarah spent nearly 10 years at The Wall Street Journal in sales and digital, ultimately leading the content studio to produce programs like Cocainenomics (Netflix) and Feeding America (Mini). It’s this both sides of the fence experience that I believe made our conversation so full of gems.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.





Highlights of This Episode:

  • The Business Model Basics. What Nativo does, how they make money and how they help media publishers do so as well.
  • Future of Sponsored Content. Perspective through the eyes of media publishers and brands, and how sponsored content via ad tech fits into the pie chart of marketing tactics.
  • The Post Cookie Apocalypse.  How Google’s announcement to end the use of third-party cookies is impacting sponsored content.
  • Content Studio Club. What do you wish you knew then that you now know that would’ve helped you?
  • Success Metrics. How Nativo helps brands and publishers set-up success measurements.
  • Morning Musts. Sarah gives some love to several Brand Story, Inc. guests.
  • Bedside Bookstand. For this segment, well, you’re going to have to learn your by listening as Sarah’s current bedside bookstand was a shocker to me!

I invite you to connect with Sarah Dale on LinkedIn and follow Nativo on Twitter here so you can get insights on content like we discussed today.

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