It is often best to know what you don’t know. When it comes to ad technology, I am, at best, cocktail party conversant. So, that’s why I was excited for the opportunity to chat with David Minkin, GM of The Wall Street Journal/Barron’s Group ad technology company The Exchange.

We’re hot on the heels of hosting WSJ | Barron’s CRO Josh Stinchcomb, CAO Guthrie C. Collin, and Paul Tsigrikes, GM of The Trust, WSJ’s custom content studio. David’s perspective rounds out our master class in how an established and sophisticated media publisher’s brand content studio all fits together.


David dives deep on ad tech

David’s has a wide-range of experience. He co-founded media publisher Breaking Media (parent of, among others). He’s also done tours in digital sales, revenue operations, planning, strategy, and management at renowned publishers The Atlantic, Forbes, and The Economist.

Today’s Brand Story, Inc. dives into the near-term and future state of ad technology in a decidedly non-tech lingo kind of way.  It’s a laymen’s term approach so we, as content studio executives, can have some measuring sticks for where we are relative to one of the industry’s gold standards.

On this episode of Brand Story, Inc. we cover:

  • Where we are in the big picture of ad technology
  • First-party data, its value, how to think about it, and how advertisers think about it
  • The impact of a cookie-less digital world and current ad tech products addressing this
  • Ad technology’s role within WSJ | Barron’s and its relationship to branded content
  • Case studies, new products, and the quality of increasingly-automated systems
  • Brand safety in our minefield-riddled news world.
  • The future of ad tech and content marketing.
  • David’s Morning Musts – his top sources of day job intel you should consider following.
  • Bedside Books – David’s personal recommendations on recent fun reads and ones on deck.

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