This is our 61st episode of the Brand Story, Inc. podcast, and it may be our most useful.  If you’ve been wanting to quickly understand the recent NFT, or non-fungible token, craze that has been dominating headlines in the collectibles markets, this is your lucky day.  You can’t really understand NFTs, their potential value, and why content communities should care unless you also understand the top-level of how blockchain works.


Blockchain 101

Enter Adam Grossman. Or should I say, Professor Grossman, an adjunct at Northwestern University Masters in Sports Administration. Adam is the founder & CEO of Block Six Analytics, a sponsorship technology and analytics company whose clients include industry leading partners, proprieties, and rights holders.

Adam recently penned an email newsletter that succinctly and provocatively explains NFT mania and blockchain’s relevance to content in a way that I just have to share with our audience. This episode is a mini master class in NFTs and blockchain for the content marketing set that will have you cocktail party-conversant in less than 30 minutes.





Here are a few of the topics covered in this episode:

  • WTF an NFT is, how it works, and why you as a content exec should care
  • NFT valuations – from Jack Dorsey’s $3MM tweet to a $69MM piece of digital art
  • Blockchain basics, how it relates to NFTs, and why it could be the future of the content ecosystem
  • Demystifying blockchain and divorcing it from its seemingly exclusive cryptocurrency relevancy
  • 500 million reasons why should be paying attention to NBA’s Top Shot and content community building
  • Block Six Analytics business impact from the NFT marketplace
  • Adam’s podcast and business biography book recommendations

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