Over the past year, one of the top themes among all our guests, regardless of market, has been the impact of data-driven approaches to adapting and creating content that engages target audiences.  Today, we’re going all-in on sports data and how it, in and of itself, can be content.

Today’s episode features Davyeon Ross, the co-founder and president of DDSports and ShotTracker Inc.  ShotTracker is a super cool sensor-based technology that gives real-time stats & analytics to basketball players, coaches, and fans in practice and live games.  It’s being used by dozens of college basketball programs, including the likes of Michigan State, Kansas, Illinois, and Syracuse, to name a few.


What can sports data tell us

Ross’ 20+ years in the tech sector includes stints at privately held companies that had him in the R&D sector of the biggest names in telecom and software, including his start in the industry as a software engineer at Sprint. A former college basketball player turned techie, Ross went deep on how sports data is valued content and a harbinger of how sports experiences and storytelling will change via technology.





Here are the highlights of this episode:

  • ShotTracker’s origin story and evolution, including the breakthrough moment.
  • What Magic Johnson, former B1G commissioner Jim Delany, and other investors see in sports data as content with a recent $11M round of investment.
  • The ShotTracker brand story and how it has evolved.
  • Technological impacts on sports commentary, storytelling, and fan experiences.
  • ShotTracker’s content marketing strategy.
  • And as always, “Morning Musts” and “Bedside Bookstand” segments.

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