This episode of Brand Story, Inc. is close to home. I’m honored to be an owner of La Vida Baseball, America’s largest LatinX baseball media company focusing on America’s pastime through the lens of culture and lifestyle.

La Vida Baseball, launched in 2017, has galvanized and connected the LatinX baseball fan community and created deep relationships and respect with Latino MLB players, who make up nearly one-third of MLB rosters.

Baseball and so much more

Jennifer Mercedes and Julie Alexandria are both on-air talent for La Vida Baseball as well as content producers.  They each boast more than a decade of experience covering baseball prior to joining La Vida Baseball, and I felt the time was perfect to have both of them share their journeys, address the current day status of being women in sports media and the added filter of building a community for a minority population that is now nearly 20% of the U.S. population.

I have the pleasure of working with both Jennifer and Julie on a daily basis, so I think you’ll see the candor of the conversation shine through.  They hit on a myriad of topics I believe all of us in the sports media publishing world should be paying attention to and I hope you’ll walk away with several nuggets of food for thought.






Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Building a LatinX baseball community through content
  • The power of connecting with MLB players by providing a platform that resonates with them
  • The current experience of being a minority woman in sports media and the evolution of progress – and what’s left to get to equality
  • Social media content and the nuances and tips to engage the LatinX community
  • Keys to building a highly-regarded brand reputation as on-air talent and with a relatively-new content community
  • Adjusting content creation through a pandemic and content innovation.

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