My role as the host of the Brand Story, Inc. podcast is to be “that” guy for you. You know the type. The one that’s not afraid to ask the obvious questions and the not-so-obvious questions. I’ll admit, when Courtney Horwitz, Vimeo’s Head of Content & Brand, agreed to virtually pull up a seat with me, I knew I had some homework to do on the video-sharing platform.

As the owner and CEO of a content agency, I felt I should be able to answer the simple questions.  Perhaps, “How does Vimeo differ from YouTube?” and “How are content studios using Vimeo’s video tools for virtual production?” Well, considering if you’ve read this far you’re likely a curious creative or a brand content studio executive, I’m guessing a fair number of you are thinking “Why do I need to know more about Vimeo?”.

Great question.

It’s one of many I had for Courtney. I think you’re going to love the concise, thoughtful answers she gives.

The 200 million+ members of Vimeo turn to them to help grow their business by making it easy to create and market high-quality, impactful videos.  We turned to Courtney to explain why and how content studio execs can learn from what they’ve learned.






  • How Vimeo not only differs from YouTube, but is a tool to feed all social media platforms.
  • Email marketing and Vimeo’s role in empowering DTC strategies.
  • Virtual production workflows, tips, and tools that are fueling pandemic-related content creation.
  • Best practices and data supporting how businesses are seeking scale for video creation to better engage audiences.
  • Why brands that think like media companies win.
  • How Vimeo can solve connectivity for niche players to build their OTT strategy.
  • Vimeo’s content marketing and best-in-class examples of brands leveraging their tools.
  • And of course, “Morning Musts” – Courtney’s secret sauce sources of industry intel.

Bonus Content

Courtney and I discussed Vimeo’s content marketing and, in my opinion, some great examples all businesses can follow to show and tell while adding value. Here are three examples cited in our podcast:

Enjoy the podcast and let us know how we can better serve you, the media publishing, brand and agency content studio community!


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