Are podcasts the wave of the future or a blast from the past? Does it matter? They’re where audiences are at, which is why we’re speaking with Blue Wire Podcasts’ Kevin Jones on this week’s Brand Story, Inc.


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Kevin Jones on Brand Story, Inc. podcasts

I love scrappy start-ups. I’m also a bit of a podcast junkie. So, I thought, what better way to indulge a work itch for our content studio community than to combine those two? Voila. Enter Kevin Jones, the founder and CEO of Blue Wire, the premiere sports podcasting company.

Podcasting has become an essential in the content studio tool kit and Kevin’s insights and expertise extend to all brand and media publishers playing in the podcast game.  Beyond that, thinking about best practices for intellectual property around a story is central to Blue Wire’s business model, one that I believe you’ll find interesting.  Candidly, this one is close to home as I feel Blue Wire and TeamWorks Media’s business models are very similar in many ways.

Let’s dive in to what you’ll learn on this episode of Brand Story, Inc.

  • Blue Wire Podcasts’ origin story
  • The podcast business model, including a deep dive into each of the three revenue stream
  • FAQs for those wanting to monetize podcasts – audience size, revenue expectations, etc.
  • Best practices for video content that doubles as audio podcasts
  • The big picture landscape of podcasting – where it is and where it’s going
  • Podcast platforms and Kevin’s view of the audio ecosystem
  • Podcast marketing and promotion tips
  • Advice to brands and publishers getting started as well as tactics to improve your game
  • Celebrity partnerships
  • And of course, Morning Musts and Bedside Book Stack

Yeah, it’s a bit intimidating to host a podcast with a podcast company owner, but I’m confident if you’re looking for intel on this content medium, you’ll walk away with some good nuggets. Let us know your feedback, insights and ideas! Enjoy.

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