On this week’s Brand Story, Inc., we’re digging deep with Bitfire Networks VP Ben Grafchik to find out how TV production is pivoting in the pandemic. Check out our virtual conversation on all things virtual, remote, and socially-distanced on the small screen.


A previously-unimaginable world of nightly news programs and pro league drafts occurring 100% virtually has now become somewhat routine. But, from a technological standpoint, how are content studio executives ensuring the back-end works so a nationally-televised show or an OTT network isn’t at the whims of someone’s home wi-fi connection? Enter Ben Grafchik.

Ben is the vice president of business development for Bitfire Networks, an Arizona-based company that provides end-to-end live transmission and production services. Social media live shows streaming on their respective platforms are one thing. A third party hardware and software suite allowing you to go live on multiple platforms is quite another.

Live network shows involving many guests from beaming in from remote locations need to be high quality. That’s where Bitfire comes in to play.

In light of this new norm, Ben and I sat down (virtually, of course) to take tech talk, convert it into laymen’s terms and serve up some value on how you may want to think about virtual production in our brave new world.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • What Bitfire does for the likes of CBS Sports and the NHL Draft.
  • How to assess decision-making for platform live tools vs. third party step-ups vs. Bitfire-level solutions.
  • How remote production is changing, the impact of decreasing budgets, and how to better utilize talent – both production and on-air (this was my favorite part – really innovative thinking!).
  • Best practices and case studies of who is doing this well.
  • The ever-changing production workflow.
  • Brand content studios and media publishers using live remote content to fuel OTT networks.
  • Which market sectors are excelling in remote production and which ones are ripe for improvement.
  • Morning musts – Ben’s secret stash of sources to keep him up to date on remote production.
  • Bedside bookstand – as with every guest, we get the dish on what Ben’s reading for fun.

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