If you’re a brass tacks person who wants something you can instantly use to make your content marketing life easier, you’re going to be happy today. Recently, past podcast guest Andy Crestodina posted a link to a blog post by Vassilena Valchanova sharing her Content Marketing Blueprint.  Since Andy is one of my go-to thought leaders on content marketing, seeing his seal of approval on this had me intrigued.


A blueprint for success

Admittedly, despite being paid by many high profile clients to be their outsourced content studio and even building our own media publishing companies, we’ve struggled to find unifying documents to align our teams.  The beauty of the 5-step Content Marketing Blueprint is its simplicity and the ability for one page to be distributed to all team members reinforcing the brand’s north star.

On this episode of Brand Story, Inc. Vassy joins us to expand upon her Content Marketing Blueprint blog post. She provides concrete examples and nuanced tips on how your team can use this framework to create immediate improvement.





Our conversation includes:

  • Why you need a Content Marketing Blueprint, how it works and what it is NOT.
  • Defining your content mission statement.
  • How to align your content marketing with your business goals.
  • Defining your channels (not just social media) and their purpose.
  • Defining key aspects of your content – frequency, format, audience target, etc.
  • Identifying your unique point of view within content messaging tied to relevant audiences.
  • How to implement, refine and ensure it stays as a working document for the team.

I really think you’re going to enjoy this episode as it is the most tactical, practical one to date. I strongly encourage you to follow Vassy here on Twitter and let her know what you think.

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