Inevitably, conversation’s with prospective clients in the content studio marketplace includes the ROI. So, I figured, why not get a guest who is in the revenue hot seat to share some best practices and approaches? Enter Josh Stinchcomb, Dow Jones’ CRO.

Why we love to deep-dive with WSJ

Previously, we’ve hosted Paul Tsigrikes, GM of Wall Street Journal’s content studio, The Trust, and separately, Dow Jones’ Chief Analytics Officer, Guthrie Collin. They’ve helped connect dots on current and future trends of content studios with a bent towards data-driven content approaches.

Impressed with their perspectives, I jumped at the chance to get Josh on the podcast.  I’m hopeful his ROI insights and perspective can help if you find yourself in the C-suite, or if you’re needing to educate and position your content studio needs and vision to those in the C-suite.

Here are a few of the topics surrounding ROI we discussed on this episode:

  • How WSJ’s content studio and data & technology departments all come together under the revenue bucket.
  • Revenue diversification and where branded content fits in the ecosystem.
  • Content that cultivates community and the premium value it commands.
  • Specific case studies that point to continued trend of community and engagement over vanity metrics.
  • Advice for non C-suite content executives to create understanding, appreciation and education of the ROI value proposition.
  • The post-cookie apocalypse and the value of first-party data derived from content.
  • The role of content in a pandemic – best practices and future projections.
  • Content studio insourcing vs outsourcing – decision-making tips.
  • And as always, we get Josh’s morning musts and explore his bedside book stack.

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