You may not know the CMD Agency by name, but you likely know their work. The pioneering, Portland-based agency recently led three of Microsoft’s major brand story partnership campaigns. There is the omnipresent NFL campaign with Microsoft Surface, a fun retro-themed integrated campaign with Netflix hit Stranger Things, and most recently a partnership with the new Space Jam movie.

Inside Brand Story Building

Looking at CMD’s big-name clients like Microsoft, Xbox, T-Mobile, and Intel, we get a unique back-stage pass from owner and president Darren Rankin who offers insights on how these powerhouse partnership brand story campaigns happen.

Darren is a long-time friend of mine who I’ve known as a great leader since his time as captain of the Harvard men’s basketball team.  His career journey on both the brand and agency side offers a healthy perspective on the challenges of rolling out integrated brand story content campaigns.

Prior to CMD, Darren has held leadership positions on both the agency and brand-side with GlobalStar USA, BRC Group, LeadDog Marketing Group, IMG, and his true passion-play side project, the Joe Moore Award, honoring the best  offensive line in college football.

Below are some of the highlights of my conversation with Darren:

  • Origin Story. CMD’s pioneering example of a brand in-housing their agency.
  • Pandemic Perspective. Changing POVs to in-person experiences and activations.
  • Case Study Deep Dive. Microsoft + Stranger Things project
  • Collaboration Corner. Advice on agency/large client collaboration.
  • Communication Cliff Notes. CMD’s best practices and tools of the trade.
  • Success metrics. How CMD sets-up the goal posts for client wins.
  • Wish I Would’ve Known. Darren’s trip in the time machine leveraging his learnings.
  • Morning Musts. The morning routine of an agency owner to stay on top of the industry.
  • Bedside Bookstand. Our weekly personal look at the current book of choice.


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