On this week’s Brand Story, Inc., the inimitable Mike Rucker, VP of NBC News’ award-winning Brand Studio joins us. His is a masterclass on generating quality content amidst our current chaos. With insights on how to coach brands, content aesthetics vs. value, and how to customize for platforms, this is a can’t-miss episode.


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Mike Rucker on Brand Story, Inc.   content

When it comes to the business of content studio work, put yourself in Mike Rucker’s shoes for a moment. You’re responsible for creating content solutions leveraging NBC News’ flagship brands – CNBC, MSNBC, NBC News & The Today Show – yet, you can’t use news talent. News has been deemed not brand safe (at best) and the country is polarized on the category in general. Throw in the need for content solutions that engage the masses when you can’t send crews out to capture content due to COVID-19.

Welcome to 2020.

And yet, Rucker and the NBC News Brand Studio are successful and busy. Very busy. So, how what’s it like running a major media company’s brand studio in times like this? I was curious about this very question and thankfully, Mike Rucker pulls the curtain back to share some candid thoughts, insights and recommendations that apply to most content studios.  Join us on this edition as we tackle the following topics:

  • How NBC News Brand Studio works – staffing, offerings, platforms
  • Customizing content for various NBC platforms
  • Coaching brands on how best to integrate their brand (hello, Cheerios)
  • Case studies. Kick-ass case studies.
  • How COVID-19 has changed content conversations from aesthetic to value
  • Content studio differences and nuances for news orgs vs brands
  • Mike’s “morning musts” routines

Join the party and let’s have some fun exploring life behind the scenes of one of the more well-known content studios. Let us know what you like, what you didn’t and feel free to drop us a note with ideas and suggestions. Enjoy!

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