On today’s Brand Story Inc. episode I’m thrilled to host IBM’s Chief Content Officer, George Hammer, who runs their renowned content studio, IBM Originals.  In my opinion, it’s the gold standard of a brand content studio, in large part because of their nuanced understanding of creating compelling content that doesn’t cross the sales-y line.  They also “get it” as it relates to building value with content that seeds community building, like their award-winning “Code for Good” property.


Big brand content studio background

George has been at the helm of IBM Originals since late 2016 after a run as SVP of Digitas North America. He also helped build and manage Discovery Communications’ in-house digital agency and he’s got a host of other stops, awards and bio background you can peruse here on his LinkedIn profile.  

In today’s episode, we go both big picture and dive deep into case studies, perhaps most so with the below documentary film, Bonds of Trust. I highly recommend giving it a watch at this before listening to the podcast so you have even better context.







Here are the highlights of this episode:

  • IBM Originals brand content studio “federated” organizational structure of its nearly 400 staffers.
  • Challenges and opportunities with content team members embedded in 18 business units.
  • IBM’s storytelling prioritization and strategic filters.
  • “Tech for Good” purpose-driven content and the Bonds of Trust business case.
  • Creating a culture that keeps the brand from selling within its storytelling.
  • Success metrics for Bonds of Trust and IBM Originals content.
  • Call for Code and content communities as the now and what’s next for brands.
  • Applicable lessons for any brand content studio.
  • IBM Originals’ POV on AI for content now and in the future.
  • And, we get personal with Morning Musts and Bedside Bookstand.

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