Today on Brand Story, Inc., we welcome Fox Deportes Executive VP and General Manager Carlos Sanchez to the show. Carlos has helmed the first and longest-running Spanish-language sports network for more than seven years.  Previously, he had lengthy stints at NBC/Telemundo Enterprises where he ran several local-owned & operated TV Stations, and prior to that he spent eight years as VP of an Entravision TV Station in San Diego.

We’re continuing our LatinX Heritage Month-themed Brand Story, Inc. episodes, and I thought with the upcoming World Series, the NFL getting into full swing, and College Football seasons starting there isn’t a better time to deep dive into the ever-growing US LatinX demographic, which now numbers 62 million Americans, based on the recent 2020 census report.

This important conversation tackles some really challenging topics and candidly addresses some of the misconceptions of the LatinX sports marketplace, including the existence of systemic racist stereotypes.  If there is one Brand Story, Inc. episode I wish non-Latino brand executives would listen to this entire year – this is it.

FOX Deportes continues to lead the way with the top sports properties, including Liga MX, NFL, MLB, Premier Boxing Champions, Major League Soccer, WWE, and many more. I invite you to join Carlos and me for a spirited conversation that will hopefully give you some food for thought on the power of connecting with this mighty audience.






Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • The Business Basics. The 101 on FOX Deportes – rights, audiences & platforms.
  • Day Job. Carlos explains his role, how it’s evolving, and where it’s going.
  • Multicultural Media Landscape. A candid conversation on the sorry state of LatinX spending in the US relative to the buying power of 62 million people.
  • Case Study Cliff Notes. We put a FOX Deportes branded content example on stage.
  • The multicultural monolith. The Hispanic and LatinX terms are surface-level stuff and we go into the complex and significant cultural differences that make connecting with audiences challenging, but incredibly-rewarding.
  • LatinX Audience.  Misconceptions about language, systemic racism, box-checking tactics and the top thing the top dog at FOX Deportes wished brands understood.
  • The Integrated Content Challenge. Many large brands are STILL splintering agencies of record by platform and isolating multicultural marketing to tiny budgets. We discuss the antiquated and inefficient media buying paradigm and content integration challenges that will give brands a huge leg-up on connecting with the LatinX audience.
  • Morning Musts. Carlos shares his favorite daily sources to stay on top of the industry.
  • Bedside Bookstand. An appropriate book recommendation that is now slotted in my Goodreads “want to reads” (you’ll have to listen to hear for yourself!

I invite you to connect with Carlos Sanchez on LinkedIn and Twitter so you can get insights on content like we discussed today.

We want to hear from you. Share this podcast, give us your feedback and hit me up with topic suggestions and guest ideas. Brand Story, Inc. is for you, so let’s make it great together. You can ping me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @_JaySharman. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

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