Of all the social platforms I personally use, Twitter is my top dog. From a day job perspective, it’s critical to our company and clients for building content communities.  It’s a gift for content marketers, and so is going behind the curtain at Twitter’s mothership, like we do today with Doug Szymul, lead client partner for the retail vertical. If a company has a brick and mortar presence, Doug and Twitter likely work with them.


A Twitter perspective on engaging content

Doug and I go pretty deep on best practices for branded content on the platform, and I think you’ll see we shoot it pretty straight. Doug is a veteran media sales and marketing exec with 16 years in the brand partnership business, including stints at ESPN, the Big Ten Network and Perform Group.





We nerd out on both big picture philosophies of Twitter along with some hyper tactical tips and food for thought. Below are some highlights of the episode:

  • Most effective practices Doug is seeing regarding branded content
  • A recent Lowe’s case study and success measurement.
  • Video content monetization – sponsored content, leveraging Amplify, and branded content integration
  • The state of live video content through a brand lens – where it is and where it’s going
  • Most common questions from brands taking the Twitter sponsorship plunge and the proper answers
  • New tools and tips on community building for brands
  • The challenge for brand handles over individuals associated with brands and Twitter’s POV on this interplay
  • Most exciting things on the horizon for brands with Twitter
  • Who does a he follow on Twitter?
  • And, just for fun, what reading material is on Doug’s bedside bookstand

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