I’m admittedly behind the curve when it comes to Reddit. I also believe I’m like a lot of people responsible for helping clients navigate various social media communities to help them connect authentically with their tribes. Fortunately, I get to ask all the questions you might be afraid to ask about the “why”, “how” and “where” for connecting with so many passionate, Reddit users.

On this Brand Story, Inc. episode, Adam Carl, Reddit’s Director of Large Customer Sales (think Fortune 500 brands) joins us to create the friendly on-ramp for brand content studio execs to think about the 350 million-person platform.

Adam is a digital media thought leader who, in addition to working on Reddit’s NFL and NBA partnerships, has a rich history in social media companies. He spent more than seven years at Facebook and was instrumental in developing Facebook’s Sports go-to-market strategy and driving adoption of world-class advertising solutions across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

If you came here for the payoff story – mentioned in the episode – about how Adam one-upped Michael Jordan in a pick-up game, know that I wasn’t kidding. Here’s the NY Times story to prove it. Outside of work, you’ll find Adam spending time with his family, enjoying a good bourbon, and hanging out in his favorite Reddit community r/Sneakers.






Here are the highlights of our Reddit 101 episode:

  • Reddit’s Origin Story. How the underdog platform, started in 2005, is poised to be a powerhouse.
  • Day Job. What Adam does to educate brands about Reddit and how it applies to you.
  • Newbie Navigation. In simple terms, Adam differentiates Reddit from other social media platforms and provides a brand lens to help you think about how to connect with your fans.
  • The Meme Stock Bump. GameStop and AMC have become synonymous with examples of Reddit’s powerful communities. Adam pulls the curtain back on the impact on the platform.
  • “I never knew that” nuggets. The former Facebook sales exec shares the most common surprises brands discover about Reddit.
  • Case Study Cliff Notes. Two powerful brand examples from Lagunitas and Volvo shed light on Reddit brand integrations along with Adam’s personal demographic profile to share the power of the platform.
  • Reddit 101 for brand marketers. Adam distills the key takeaways all brand marketers should know when thinking about Reddit as a potential platform to build engagement.
  • Morning Musts. Adam shares his sources for industry intel.
  • Bedside Bookstand. Our weekly book guest recommendation!

I invite you to connect with Adam Carl on LinkedIn and take the plunge on Reddit so you can get insights on content like we discussed today.

We want to hear from you. Share this podcast, give us your feedback and hit me up with topic suggestions and guest ideas. Brand Story, Inc. is for you, so let’s make it great together. You can ping me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @_JaySharman. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

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