On today’s episode of Brand Story, Inc. we welcome Afdhel Aziz, the co-author of Good is the New Cool: The Principles of Purpose. I’ve read a few chapters and love it, b/c it’s chock-full of real world practical case studies, including many that apply to brand storytelling and content. Purpose marketing is a passion of mine and something we pride ourselves on at TeamWorks Media, so candidly, I’m jacked to jump in to this episode and feel like we could do a weekly podcast on purpose.


Planning with a purpose

Afdhel is the Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Conspiracy of Love, a global purpose consultancy whose clients include iconic brands like Adidas, Red Bull, and Oreo, as well as Fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo, Microsoft, Mondelēz, Diageo, AB Inbev, and Facebook.

He is also a writer at Forbes, where he covers the intersection of business and purpose and he’s the author of a number of books, including the prequel to today’s featured book, Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give A Damn. An inspirational and highly in-demand keynote speaker, Afdhel has been a featured speaker at the Cannes Lions, SXSW, TEDx, Advertising Week, Columbia University, Conscious Capitalism, and more.

I mention and read each of the 9 “Principles of Purpose” on the podcast and as promised, wanted to make them available to you here:

Nine Principles of Purpose from new book Good is The New Cool

Here are the highlights on the “Future of Interactive Content”:

  • Origin Stories of both the book and Conspiracy of Love.
  • Day Job: How Afdhel and Conspiracy of Love train and develop purpose for brands.
  • Nine principles of purpose – with a specific focus on “be the helper, not the hero.”
  • Common mistakes brands make and how winning brands made the transition.
  • Case studies: From Oreo to Patagonia – how purpose became the north star.
  • Purpose-driven content and how the principles translate into brand storytelling.
  • Bedside Bookstand: As a co-author of multiple books, we find out what Afdhel is reading.

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