As we approach the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star game, it felt appropriate to go beyond the curtain to see how the MLB’s content studio operates. Kristen Wendland, Senior Director of Production at MLB Network is responsible for the creative direction, production execution, and final delivery of content for MLB league initiatives and special projects.  She leads a team developing content for promotions, digital, broadcast, in-game entertainment, presentation, and live events. She started her career at ESPN and HBO before joining the production unit at Major League Baseball, and then moved over to MLB Network in 2015.






Here are the highlights of this podcast episode:

    • The scorecard for how MLB Network and MLB integrate and the content studio function, staff, and evolution.
    • Branded content archetypes, challenges, opportunities, and case studies of note.
    • A deep dive into the content studio line-up – specific staffing positions and roles.
    • Recent MLB restructuring and how the internal content studio has evolved.
    • Tools of the trade – video archive systems, edit review processes, and some nitty gritty on operational functionality.
    • Project management advice and specific tools to help navigate large, complex decision-making teams.
    • Insights and tactics on collaborative communication.
    • Morning Musts and Bedside Bookstand.

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