Buckle up, Brand Story, Inc. fans. I’m beyond fired up to welcome back the godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi, for his second appearance on our podcast. In the content marketing industry, Joe Pulizzi has a Jeff Bezos-type stature. The man puts the word early in early-adopter, which I love, especially as a content marketing firm in 2021 still trying to get discerning C-suite execs to get their head around content marketing and how it works.

Joe built and sold Content Marketing Institute, the industry’s seminal content marketing company, in 2016, before most marketers were fully clued in to what content marketing even was. Joe then started The Tilt, the leading digital publisher for content marketing entrepreneurs.  He also created his own content community economy using cryptocurrency in what is called a social token that has real marketplace value.  That’s right, Joe’s readers earn real money by flexing their loyalty and earning social tokens, which is redefining the value of content marketing engagement.

Today, we dig deep on this very topic, which Joe admits is experimental, yet one that has already enjoyed tangible financial success for the entire community.

Joe is at the forefront of a new content business model, a Web 3.0 if you will, for content creators that means shared financial success between content owners and their communities. The concept is simple – the community can now participate in the value they create: sharing and participating. Execution of this is a little bit more challenging, but very doable. And today, Joe and I try to convey the who, what, when, where, and how for you.

It may help you to either start with a few background pieces below before listening to this episode, geared a bit more at the seasoned content marketer, but I go out of my way to try and make it as easily digestible as possible.

Joe Pulizzi is also the best-selling author of Content Inc.Killing Marketing, and Epic Content Marketing, which Fortune Magazine named a “must-read business book.” Joe is also the host of the Content Inc podcast and This Old Marketing with Robert Rose, which is one of my weekly “musts.”







Episode highlights include:

  • The Tilt’s mission, vision and mantra for content creators and Joe.
  • Content marketing missions as movements and excerpts from the This Old Marketing podcast that go deep on the topic.
  • Content Marketing World 2021 highlights and key takeaways.
  • The 3.0 biz model of content creators and how Joe is modeling this with The Tilt.
  • NFTs, Blockchain, and demystifying the components of the content creator economy.
  • The future of brand loyalty programs and brand fan and owner value creation alignment.
  • The 1-2-3s of getting in the game for yourself.
  • Relationship Content Marketing as an emerging niche within the content marketing industry.


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