Content Marketing World, the globe’s premiere content marketing conference, re-convened in person (and virtually) in Cleveland from September 28 to October 21 and I was there to soak it all in.

Today, I swap chairs to become a guest as Brand Story, Inc. Our producer John Tolley hosts this episode and puts me on the hot seat to share the latest trends, themes, tactics, takeaways and new resources for our brand marketers and content studio executive listening audience.

In this episode, John and I get into TeamWorks Media’s Relationship Content Marketing approach and how it ultimately led to personable, valuable conversations at Content Marketing World. The keynote speakers are a who’s-who of Brand Story, Inc. guests, including Joe Pulizzi, Andrew Davis, Ann Handley, Marcus Collins, and Melanie Diezel.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some audio spoon-feeding and do our best to tap into and share the powerful and inspiring experience of all the feels and learns from Content Marketing World.








On this episode, John Tolley and Jay Sharman discuss:

  • The top three memories from Content Marketing World 2021.
  • Over-arching themes of the conference.
  • The best of the best keynote speakers and breakout sessions including:
    – Andrew Davis’ “constraints breed creativity” speech
    – Joe Pulizzi’s content marketing as a movement
    – Jay Baer’s customer moat metaphor and takeaways
    – Nativo’s Sarah Dale’s stat that will amaze you
    – Quest Digital’s Jacquie Chakirelis’ purpose marketing case study
  • We break down the latest in content marketing technology, toys and resources
  • Plus, John puts Jay on the spot for his Morning Musts and Bedside Bookstand reads.

If you want to dig in deeper after listening to this podcast, here are the various podcast episodes we mentioned on the show.

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