Today on Brand Story, Inc, we welcome J.D. Power’s CEO and president, Dave Habiger.  J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer data & analytics and while many associate them with authority in the automotive industry, J.D. Power serves a slew of sectors including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, utilities, hospitality and travel.

The customer knows best

A first on a Brand Story, Inc. podcast, we barely talk about content creation. Instead, we draw lessons from a 50-year old, best-in-class brand that is maniacally-focused on first party data and becoming the voice of the customer for its wide range of B2B clients. I nearly had to convince Dave that his company indeed creates a ton of content, just not the editorial opinionated type.

The J.D. Power brand has been used in more than 200,000 commercials and they’ve never paid a dime for the brand amplification. The marketing department is tiny. There are quite a few business lessons we can derive from this non-content, content company!





Here are some of the highlights of what we discussed:

  • Who J.D. Power is, what they do and how they make money
  • The power of objectivity in brand building
  • Data as the premium value driver for the business model
  • J.D. Power’s organizational structure and content’s role in the big picture
  • The evolution of J.D. Power, what’s next and how content does or does not fit in
  • Truth Finder & Change Maker values and what that means in 2021 from the C-suite
  • Morning Musts and Dave’s unique approach to challenge himself daily with contrarian views on the news he seeks

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