In response to YOUR fantastic support and response to our recent Brand Story, Inc. Latinx Heritage Month series, we felt doubling down on a thematic series made a lot of sense for the end of 2021 stretch run.  Today, colleague John Tolley and I dig in on content innovation and some of the key trends of the year. That includes Facebook’s flip to Meta and what the Metaverse means to brands and content creators.  We’ll also preview our upcoming slate of guests and topics we plan on covering while turning to you to help us fill out the slate with topics and guests YOU want.

Plus, we’ll take you inside our own content innovation lab to offer a deep dive on what we cooked up during COVID. We recently launched a new practice dedicated to Relationship Content Marketing, a subset of content marketing that flips the content marketing funnel and creates 1-to-1 relationships with new business prospects and strategic partners.








Content Innovation Episode Highlights:

  • This Old Marketing’s deep dive into the Metaverse.
  • NFTs, cryptocurrency, and future social token economies in gaming and beyond.
  • Previews of upcoming podcast guests, including
    • Wall Street Journal CRO Kristin Heittman and the recent white paper on emotional engagement’s quantifiable impact on the b2b buyer journey.
    • ESPN VP of Strategy & Innovation Kevin Lopes on the recently launched Edge Innovation Lab.
    • Amazon Web Services Head of Sports Julie Souza on the future of sports media consumption.
    • Randy Frisch, author of F#ck Content Marketing and the innovation of the content experience to drive demand and revenue.
    • Relationship Content Marketing – what it is, how it works and the curtain pull-back on how Brand Story, Inc. transformed our business at TeamWorks Media.
    • 1-to-1 content marketing that escalates to 1-to-many, with case studies galore.
    • The TARGET+ method of Relationship Content Marketing.

We want to hear from you. Share this podcast, give us your feedback and hit me up with topic suggestions and guest ideas. Brand Story, Inc. is for you, so let’s make it great together. You can ping Jay on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @_JaySharman . Also, find John Tolley here on LinkedIn or here on Twitter Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

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