Juan De Jesus title is Sports Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook. Yet, his counsel, insights, and advice extend to our entire Brand Story, Inc. content studio executive audience.

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Posted by Facebook for Creators on Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Juan, a former head of international operations for Major League Baseball, consults with one of our companies – La Vida Baseball, the leading Latino baseball lifestyle media company. His understanding of emerging media publishing and how that fits through the Facebook filter is invaluable to us. So I figured, why not share some of those same insights with you?

What’s on deck?

On today’s Brand Story, Inc., we work with Juan to demystify what Facebook is thinking so you can get an up-to-the-minute perspective of how best to think about the social media platform giant for your brand (we’ve got a huge hint on one tactic) to best engage YOUR target audience.






Here are a few of the topics covered:

  • Juan’s job responsibilities, career journey, and Facebook perspective on various size media publishers and brands
  • The infamous “algorithm change” of 2019 and the challenges of organic growth in a paid social business model
  • Best practices of emerging growth media brands like Overtime, Ironman, and Golden Boy Boxing
  • Rapid-fire, hot seat questions you want answers to on:

Facebook Live – Facebook cross-posting

User-generated content reposts – E-commerce

Instagram Stories – IGTV


  • Facebook’s CARE acronym and why you should know this
  • The one tactic you should be following that will directly benefit your bottom line (spoiler alert: it involves e-commerce)
  • Morning Musts – Juan’s email inbox and social follows
  • Bedside Book Stand – recent reads for fun that Juan recommends

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