Welcome to the first Brand Story, Inc. episode of our 2021 Content Innovation Series. Kristin Heitmann, Dow Jones Global Media and Marketing Solutions team’s Chief Commercial Officer, joined us to breakdown the key insights of their recently commissioned white paper on the current anatomy of the business-to-business (B2B) buyer’s journey.

The 10+ year veteran of the Dow Jones Company drew on her time as Chief Transformation Officer and GM of Wall Street Journal’s digital products division and leader of the Global Business Development team to dive deep into this really compelling marketplace data.

Together, we dig in on the three data-rich survey results from B2B executives on the three parts to the study, including:

  1. The anatomy of the B2B journey – decision-making timelines, content influences, etc.
  2. The emotional connections that differentiate winning brands from losing brands.
  3. The impact of content and media exposure on decision dynamics.

If you want to understand the who, what, when, where, why, how, and the heartbeat of specifics of content innovation that is converting to sales, then this is a half hour you’ll love.








Episode highlights include:

  1. Kristin’s Journey Story. The backstory on her rise to becoming Dow Jones Media’s CCO.
  2. The Parental Explainer. Kristin explains her job in ways I can explain to my mom.
  3. The impetus for the “Trust Your Decisions” white paper. 
  4. Insights on emotionally-connected content to influence buying.
  5. The content types, platforms, and forms buyers want the most.
  6. Purchase triggers and timelines of the buyer’s journey mentioned and what was found.
  7. Morning Musts – Kristin’s content consumption diet to stay on top of all things content innovation.
  8. Bedside Bookstand – Our weekly review of what books are by our guest’s bedside.

Feel free to reach out to Kristin Heitmann on LinkedIn here and let her know what you liked about this episode. We want to hear from you. Share this podcast, give us your feedback and hit me up with topic suggestions and guest ideas. Brand Story, Inc. is for you, so let’s make it great together. You can ping me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @_JaySharman. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

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