Lindsay Hansen‘s content responsibilities within Capital One can be tough to get your head around. Content marketing, social media, digital product, and technology marketing and in-house creative all fall under her domain.

Lindsay generously pulled the curtain back on Capital One’s content function. As you’ll hear, she is rather exquisite in piecing the content function within the larger marketing functions of this blue-chip brand.

The topics, takeaways, and deep dives we explored on this Brand Story, Inc. episode apply to organizations of every size and shape imaginable. On this episode, Lindsay and I rolled up our sleeves and did our best to create some sparks.

A quick shout-out to Lindsay and her brand creative team which was just recognized as a finalist for the In-House Forum’s Agency of the Year Award.






Here are some of the highlights of what we explored:

  • Capital One’s internal content function – from staffing to workflows to its hub and spoke model, both internally and externally.
  • Content marketing’s role within an overall marketing strategy.
  • Simplifying the complexity of content for various business units, many disparate target audiences, and achieving business goals.
  • Capital One’s “Learn & Grow” hub – everything from its origin story and business goals to its evolution and adaptability.
  • Measurement and ROI – both for “Learn and Grow” and within Capital One.
  • Internal communication and the importance of C-suite conversations surrounding content’s value.
  • The pandemic’s impact on production workflows and 2021 planning and adaptability.
  • Advice, best practices, and tactical tips for content studio execs.
  • Lindsay on her “morning musts” to stay on top of industry news as well as her favorite recent book.

We want to hear from you. Share your feedback on this episode – your questions, challenges, clarifications. Bring it! We also would love to hear what you’d like more of, less of, and any relationships you might have that would make a Brand Story, Inc., guest. Ping me on Twitter @_JaySharman or LinkedIn and let’s chat.


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