In today’s episode of Brand Story, Inc., we welcome Deepen Parikh, Parnter of Courtside Ventures, and Jeff Volk, Co-Founder of NYVC Sports as they delve into the current changes in content creation and the future of the gaming and sports industries.

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Deepen Parikh and Jeff Volk on Brand Story, Inc.

This week’s Brand Story, Inc. podcast feels a bit like the fortune of pulling up a seat at a bar and sitting between two wildly connected, business-savvy, proven investors who live and breathe the topics where they place their money.  In Cheers parlance, it felt like the smarts of Diane, the warmth of Cliff Clavin and the straight-shooting common sense of Carla all rolled in to one.5

Deepen Parikh is a partner at Courtside Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm specializing in sports, digital media, fitness and gaming (pretty, pretty good space to be in these days).  Courtside is well-known for one of sports media’s darling brands of the past decade, The Athletic.

Jeff Volk, an accomplished sports industry veteran parlayed his success at places like the USTA,  MLB and MLB Advanced Media to join forces with Deepen and co-founded several major cities sports venture communities, starting with NYVC in 2011. Volk and Parikh have established sports venture communities in New York, Boston and San Francisco where they “integrate vast entrepreneurial, enterprise, and investing communities through a curated network of executives and events.”  Jeff also recently launched a new brand, @SportsHiatus, a community of sports executives seeking innovative spark during a time of no live sports.

Pull up a chair and that fake Boston accent and join us for 40-ish  minutes on this week’s Brand Story, Inc. podcast where we hit on a few of the topics (and a bunch more):

  • The slow response by the sports marketplace that led to Volk launching a new company, Sports Hiatus, to address this very point.
  • The current state of sports investment dollars, where they see it going and where the white space for opportunity lies in the near future.
  • Crystal balling a return to live sports and what that means for the second and third screen experiences and fan engagement.
  • Seeds of innovation from unexpected places and the existential challenges, if any, to the incumbent 800-pound gorilla sports leagues.
  • Gaming and the fitness industries. Who’s winning? Who’s losing? Why? What can we expect in the future?
  • Content, content and more content. How has COVID-19 redefined this term and what does it mean moving forward?
  • Where do the experts turn to get their daily fix of business news and info that keeps them on the top of their game?

Pull up a seat for some “little known facts”. Cheers!



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