On this episode, I am joined by Dusty DiMercurio, the Global Head of Content Marketing & Social Media, and Stephanie Losee, Global Head of Content, ABM at Autodesk. Together, they share insights on brand building, story sourcing and much more!

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Dusty DiMercurio and Stephanie Losee on Brand Story, Inc.


Each week we work hard to find a new angle for you on the business of content studios. This episode features, Autodesk, a 10,000(ish) employee company who “makes software for people who make things.” They do it in a variety of markets – construction, architecture, manufacturing and media and entertainment. What appealed to me with Autodesk was the media property they created, Redshift, that appeals to these disparate markets in a seamless way where they have found a way to own a unique niche – the future of the design mind. The Xs and Os of creating and managing a brand content studio is one thing.  Finding the connective thread that can span multiple markets a large company serves in a unique way, well that’s a whole other level.

On this episode, I welcome Dusty DiMercurio, the head of Autodesk’s branded content and social media team and a finalist for content marketer of the year. Stephanie Losee, a recent addition to the team after stints as a content marketing exec at blue chip brands like Visa and Dell, joined the conversation as a new member going through joining a content team during a pandemic. I think you’ll enjoy the journey of building a content marketing publication that serves so many distinct markets centered on one subject throughput. On this episode, here are a few of the topics we explored:

  • The origin story of building a brand centered on one topic that can transcend markets.
  • Story sourcing, authenticity and measurement of success – both tangibly and intangibly.
  • C-suite connectivity – how it happens and the ongoing relevance between Redshift and top management.
  • Content creation in a remote world.
  • Talent onboarding in a remote world.
  • Redshift staffing, content workflows and what’s next for Autodesk.

Enjoy! And as always, please share your feedback, questions and insights.

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