On today’s episode of Brand Story, Inc., we’re talking about the future of interactive content with Phillip Tiongson – the founder and CEO of Potion. Potion is an interactive media and design company and one we at TeamWorks Media have partnered with on several projects.  Phillip drew on his experience as an artist, software engineer, and storyteller and started Potion in 2005.


Getting into interactive content

This candid episode zooms out on the impact of COVID on branded experiences and how Phillip is reimagining brand storytelling, specifically, beyond the brick and mortar – a place where our two companies’ Venn diagram overlaps. It’s a passionate topic for both of us and I hope you find it to be lightbulb moment inducing.

If you’ve ever been “wowed” by interactive experiences at places like Museum of Science & Industry, Cleveland Museum of Art, Nike, St. Regis Hotel, NYU or Northwestern, you’ve experienced Potion’s exquisite storytelling.

Phillip is a graduate of the prestigious MIT Media Lab and has an MFA in film directing from Columbia University and has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in design.

Do yourself a favor and check out a few examples of the interactive content work Phillip and Potion are doing by following the links below:





Here are the highlights on the “Future of Interactive Content”:

  • Potion’s Origin Story.
  • Pandemic Perspective: All of Potion’s clients were in buildings – museums, higher ed, corporations – and it stopped for 16 months. How has Potion’s approach changed?
  • Interactive media in space and its need for digital experience connectivity.
  • Technological innovations impacting the near future of storytelling.
  • The rebirth of QR codes and handicapping its future in interactive content.
  • Collaboration Corner: Advice on collaborative creative processes and how to not compromise the quality of the product.
  • Communication Cliff Notes: Potion’s communication tactics – internally and externally and how it’s changed during COVID.
  • Performance based measurement.
  • “Wish I Would’ve Known…” – A company founder’s top business lessons.
  • Morning Musts & Bedside Bookstand

I invite you to follow Phillip Tiongson on Twitter @PhillipTiongson where you can get daily insights on content like we discussed today. Also be sure to follow Potion here on Twitter.

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