Kim Kopetz knows brand experiences. The rising star president of Portland-based Opus built a career leading the likes of the NBA, Nike and, most recently, Intel in how to show up big in B2B experiences.

After years as Opus’ chief growth officer, Kim stepped in to the president’s role in June 2020, 90 days into a pandemic when the brand experiences business was somewhere between shutdown mode and chaos.


Rethinking brand experiences

Kim’s passion, energy and insights made her the ideal person to help lead an agency responsible for the brand experiences of blue chips like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, YouTube and Dell, to help reinvent and reconfigure how brands engage with and use B2B environments.

Full disclosure: I’ve known Kim since our undergrad days at Northwestern, so we let it rip in this fun, fast-paced conversation. Hopefully it feels equal parts cocktail party conversation and mini-business master class. And you’ll notice a central theme that continues to emerge week-to-week on Brand Story, Inc.: data-driven decision-making.





Here are the highlights of what we covered:

  • Opus Agency’s scale, scope and integration of multiple recent acquisitions.
  • Agency president’s perspective on assuming the role in a pandemic, changes made and lens used for decision-making.
  • The new normal for brand experiences – from virtual to in-person and the perfect marriage of the two.
  • Forecasting the near-term of in-person brand experiences and the new bar to clear for engagement.
  • The emerging role of highly personalized, VIP treatment for in-person events, and a slew of other potential game-changing trends coming to the B2B events world.
  • Best practices for virtual events… also for in-person.
  • Opus’ content marketing approach – now and moving forward.
  • Data-driven experiences and decision-making.
  • Kim’s “morning musts” and a rabbit hole down reality TV and selfish indulgences!

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