This episode of Brand Story, Inc. feature’s Svetlana Legetic, the founder and president of Washington D.C.-based Exactly Agency.  They help legacy brands and institutions like the Smithsonian, National Geographic, REI, Vogue and others  stay relevant through creative marketing tactics and events, always staying true to their motto –  “don’t just join conversations, start them”.


Events + Content

Svetlana and I share a similar integrated, purpose-driven world view of how and why brands should be consistently connecting with their community (customers) in ways that provide authoritative value. Exactly’s origin story, launching in 2018, had them primed as well as any agency could be for adapting to the pandemic and a slew of event-based activations – like National Geographic’s Earth Day with Planet Possible – allowed us to dive deep into what current, well-executed, content-based events can and should be.







Here are the topics Svetlana and I covered on this episode:

  • How Exactly Agency formed and performed since its inception.
  • Pandemic Perspective: Ways to reimagine what in-person events mean and how they tie into content communities.
  • Case Study Deep Dive: National Geographic’s recent Earth Day Eve initiative and how it all worked.
  • Always-on Content Communities: Exactly’s tentpole event integrations are enormous, yet, we discuss how these spikes really need to be supported with an always-on content mentality that provides true communities of value for consumers.
  • Collaboration Corner:   Agency advice on how to navigate creative without the collaboration leading to a compromised, less-than-excellent finished product.
  • Communication Cliff Notes: Project management tools and tricks of the trade.
  • Wish I Would’ve Known: Lessons from the C-suite that apply to all content studio execs.
  • Morning Musts & Bedside Bookstand: Our weekly dive into industry resources, how to stay on top of all things content studio related and what our guests are reading for fun!

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