I love stellar content marketing case studies. This Brand Story, Inc. episode highlights Pros & Content, a content marketing hub built by Knotch, a content intelligence and measurement platform company.


Andrew Bolton, Knotch’s Senior Vice President and Chief Client Officer joins us to share the how, the why, and the results of Pros & Content. This is an impressive digital hub of content marketing tools and resources ranging from podcasts, videos, and articles on all revolving around brand storytelling.  I know this can be a bit meta – content marketing about content marketing – yet, I was struck by how well this community was built and executed.

I tracked down Knotch and pleaded with them to share their insights. I’m that bullish on how well they’ve built this out. I think it relates to any media property that any brand aspires to build, and when you hear about the business impact, I think you’ll agree.

Andrew is a pro and I’m certain you’ll walk away from this podcast with some creative sparks and practical ideas for juicing your own content marketing game.







Here are some of the topics we explored:

  • Overview of Pros & Content marketing hub, its origin story, its evolution, and its business impact on Knotch
  • Organizational structures of various sized content marketing hub functions and current and near-term trends, including insourcing and outsourcing
  • Content measurement – where we are in its evolution and realistic expectations for 2021 in industry alignment
  • Best practices of the 50+ brands featured on Pros & Content in 2020
  • Brand-created media properties by HP, Unilever, and Casper Mattress and the differentiating successes of content sub-brands
  • The digital content marketing hub – what it is, why it’s so important, and its impact on audience engagement, segmentation and measurement
  • Next-level content marketing – digital communities and going beyond content consumption
  • Post-pandemic content marketing changes that are here to stay
  • And, as always, Andrew shares his “Morning Musts” in terms of best sources of industry intel and we explore his bedside bookstack just for fun.

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