March Adness 2015

March Adness 2015 Voting Bracket Results

And the winner is…

In a VERY tight race, the winner is NOMORE.ORG for their terrific spot Emergency Call! They brought us the first-ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and sexual assault during a controversial time for the NFL. Agency: Grey

Thanks to all who voted

We celebrated the best in purpose-driven advertising while raising money for Honor Flight Chicago! Thanks to all of you for participating, sharing and caring enough to ensure the very worthy candidates all got their deserving moment.
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The charity: Honor Flight Chicago

Along the way we were able to support Honor Flight Chicago, donating $.10 for every vote, and helping them support their mission of flying WWII veterans to the memorial in Washington.

March Adness 2015 Bracket
March Adness 2015 Bracket (Click for enlargement)

2015 Lineup

With 16 videos in 4 categories, voting was surprisingly close. Here are the runners-up in order starting with 2nd place.

“4-Year-Old’s Bucket List”

Category: Empowerment
Sponsor: Water is Life
Agency: DDB, NY

Water is Life fulfills a four-year-old’s bucket list, bringing attention to the untimely deaths of children in countries with unsafe drinking water.

“Calls For Dad”

Category: Parents
Sponsor: Dove
Agency: The Marketing Arm

Dove acknowledges the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked.


Category: Our Humanity
Sponsor: Rethink Homelessness
Agency: In-house

Criminals. Losers. These are just a couple of the labels homeless people combat every day. Non-profit Rethink Homelessness asks us to do just that.


Category: Gender Issues
Sponsor: Always
Agency: Leo Burnett

Always flips a common gender stereotype in a mission to end the self-esteem crisis among young girls.

“Pick Them Back Up”

Category: Parents
Sponsor: Procter and Gamble
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

P & G pays homage to the important role mothers play in helping children achieve their dreams.

“Love Has No Labels”

Category: Empowerment
Sponsor: Ad Council
Agency: R/GA & The Ad Council

Ad Council challenges us to rethink our bias in an ad celebrating diversity, inclusion and most importantly – love.

“I Will What I Want”

Category: Our Humanity
Sponsor: Under Armour
Agency: Droga5

Misty Copeland dances her way through adversity in Under Armour’s spot empowering women.

“Slap Her”

Category: Gender Issues
Agency: Ciapeople Media Group

Fanpage shows how children react to violence against women when young boys are asked to slap girls.

“Adventure of Life”

Category: Our Humanity
Sponsor: GoPro
Agency: GoPro Original Productions

GoPro users capture the heart-stopping and heart-felt experiences of life in an adventurous ad.

“The Hoop”

Category: Empowerment
Sponsor: Dick’s Sporting Goods
Agency: Anomaly

Dick’s Sporting Goods symbolizes the important bond a simple basketball hoop can create between friends, communities, and families.

“3rd Shift”

Category: Parents
Sponsor: Cheerios
Agency: Bromley

Cheerios supports hard-working parents by shining a light on a father’s sacrifice.

“All You Can Eat”

Category: Social Issues
Sponsor: Weight Watchers
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

The world of food is out of control. Weight Watchers asks you to rein it in with this ad playing on common social pressures.


Category: Empowerment
Sponsor: Microsoft
Agency: in-house

Microsoft tells the empowering stories of people who are able to achieve their goals, helped in part by advanced technology.

Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad 2014

Category: Our Humanity
Sponsor: Sainsbury’s
Agency: AMV BBDO

Sainsbury highlights the spirit of Christmas, and our human connection, in the true story of an unlikely World War I event.

“World’s Toughest Job”

Category: Parents
Sponsor: Cardstore
Agency: Mullen (Boston)

Unlimited hours. No breaks. Cardstore proves that the world’s most important job is also the world’s toughest.

Stay tuned for next year’s contest

Same time, same place. With more prizes and more charity donations!